Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Windows: Single click to open

So while I was traveling through the menus to change the 'Show hidden files' options in a new Windows system I was cursed to used, I saw once more the the 'Single-click to open an item'.

I had seen it plenty of times, but for some reason it hit me this time. Why do we double click to open a file? Obviously because you don't want to open a file when you just click it. But why do we need to single click a file? for what?

But there must be reason... no there is no reason. 

And of course, if we check some web based file explorers like Google Drive, in the web were all the links are single click, we see that... it uses... double click... Never mind.

So lets try it, some other issue may pop up. [after 1 week] Some double opened files but we will get used to it. [after 1 month] Forgot even I switched to single click, everything is fine with half the clicks.

Making the world more optimized place.